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BJJ Pandas

Do you work with an awesome team? Of course you want to introduce them to your visitors.

Nick Chernoff

Co-Host Editor/ Producer

Nick is one of he founding Pandas.  Always rolling to have fun, just enjoying the journey.

Vic Gondim


Vic is one of the youngest Pandas at only 19 years old. Though he may be young is has been training BJJ for over 11 years. He always add a fresh perspective. 

Shawn Snyder

Co-Host Producer

Shawn is one of the founding Pandas. Loves his half guard and is not only a BJJ practitioner but also amazing striker .

Panda Power Hour

Every morning at 5:30 am Monday through Thursday you can find a bunch of Pandas starting the day by getting stronger and better.   
Video credit to Daniel Kilburn and Guerilla Visuals

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